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Why settle for an imitation when you can get the original ?

The famous FENNER gear unit, the SMSR, has been on the market for 80 years and has reached technical maturity. It is now beyond reproach and is perfectly adapted to the most "rough" environments.

It is very low-maintenance, yet highly reliable and has an impressive lifespan.
From the mines of South Africa and Australia to the carrot washing drums of Vexin, and the gravel pits of the Bay of the Somme, the SMSR gearbox, whatever its brand, is popular in quarries, sand pits, grain silos and other agricultural facilities.

In addition to a contained price, its design also allows implementation in a few minutes.
This is why the stock now present at ITAFRAN will allow you to restart your installation in 24 - 48 hours!
Regardless of the brand to be replaced, we can offer you an equivalent to be mounted in its place.


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