Motors and gearboxes

Tools for determining motors

Three new tools will allow you to determine in a few seconds the ideal CMW motor or CMW gearbox for your customer's application.
Facilitate your search by entering your information in our calculation module: the software will immediately find the equivalent model.

Pendulum worm and wheel gearboxes

The purpose of a mechanical gearbox is to modify the speed ratio and/or the torque between the input shaft and the output shaft of a drive shaft mechanism in the output shaft: planetary gearbox.

motor axis perpendicular to the output axis: worm and wheel for industrial installations .


For low and medium power applications (up to a few kilowatts), the standard single-phase grid is sufficient.


For high-power applications, AC motors are usually supplied from a multi-phase power source.

Variable speed drives and angular gearboxes

A variable speed drive is a mechanical device for continuously varying the transmission ratio of a motor. It is used as a replacement for a gearbox.

The angle gear allows the power of a mechanism to be returned in a ratio of 1:1 over an angle.