Chains and sprockets

Machinable components

A wheel is a circular mechanical member or part rotating around an axis passing through its centre.

Our range of machinable components allows you to modify the product according to your specific needs.

A gear is a mechanical system consisting of two toothed gear wheels used to transmit the rotational movement between them.

Manufactured Components

Our range of finished products allows you to select your needs according to the main references on the market:



  • ISO steel sprockets with removable hub
  • Bored ISO steel sprockets
  • ISO cast iron wheels with removable hub

Power transmission chains

Selection of raw materials, high case-hardening depth of pins and bushes, calibration and cold treatment of plates, perfect cylindrical geometry of rollers (turned), pre-tensioning of chains, control at each phase of manufacture and assembly... nothing is left to chance to give CMW chains an exceptional level of quality. In this chapter, Itafran offers you all CMW chains at the best price!

Conveyor chains

Used in various fields, handling chains and conveyor chains cover many sectors. We can supply you with conveyor chains of type FV, type M and type BS. We also offer all types of special conveyor chains. We are at your disposal to help you define your needs.