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A wheel is a circular mechanical member or part rotating around an axis passing through its centre.

A gear is a mechanical system consisting of two intermeshing toothed wheels used to transmit rotary motion between them.

The profile of a pulley depends on the belt used. We offer you different types of belts adapted to your needs

(Synchronous, V-belts, detachable link belts, flat and ribbed belts).




Bearings are components used in mechanical engineering to support and rotatably guide drive shafts.

A ball bearing takes the form of two coaxial rings with lightly lubricated balls between them.



The purpose of a mechanical gearbox is to change the speed ratio and/or torque between the input and output shafts of a mechanism. Find the whole range of gearboxes on the website itafran.com.





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Offering an ever closer service and benefiting from unequalled reactivity, ITAFRAN has rapidly become the leading French platform for mechanical transmission components. By having the platform's 45,000 references and the know-how of the workshops at the doors of manufacturers and industrial distributors, ITAFRAN has enabled them to reduce their stocks and improve the reliability of their supplies and the service provided to their customers.

A single resolution for 2020: to continue to amaze you and to deserve your confidence.

Charles Legoff, CEO


Why Itafran ?

Itafran, founded in 1976, is a French specialist in the industrial sector, recognised in the distribution of power transmission components, bearings and belts through the biggest brands on the market.

Our wide range of products finds applications in many industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering, agriculture, packaging, textile, food processing, raw material extraction machines. We know your business, your needs, your constraints and propose to optimize your industrial processes.


Unique in France !

This program specially developed by our IT team allows you to instantly calculate the price of your machining, and to order it with just one more click! Thanks to this module, you can respond without delay to your customer: a competitive advantage that is often decisive.

In order to fully meet the different needs of your industry, we have also developed 5 workshops grouped in a factory that manufactures and adapts components according to your plans and needs (bearing grinding, chain cutting and riveting, belt cutting and welding).